Do You Provide Bags to Return the Linens In?
No, you can store the used linens in any bag or container that is convenient for you; however, we recommend that you shake the linens free of food and debris and store them for pickup by lightly stuffing them into clear trash bags and leaving the bags open. This will help avoid mildew and prevent the linens from being mistaken for trash and thrown out.

What if the Linens are Damaged During the Event?
All rentals include a damage waiver of 7.5% of the list price. Any damage that occurs in the normal course of use (such as burns, small tears and stains) is covered by the Damage Waiver. Damages from deliberate abuse or misuse of linens is not covered and will be charged for at replacement prices.

Do Your Drivers Count the Linens Here?
Yes. We count your order at your location to ensure the most accurate count possible. Any missing linens are itemized on a Missing/Additional Linen Memo form which is signed by you or your representative and by our driver. You will be billed at the replacement cost for any missing linens. We will usually attempt to pick up missing linens before billing you for them. No credit will be given for missing linens returned after 30 days.

What if I Don’t Use All the Linens I Rented? Will I Still Be Billed For Them?
Yes. Any linens that are delivered to you are unavailable for rental to other customers and must be charged at the full rate.

What if I Need To Change My Order? Can I Add/Delete/Substitute Cloths?
You can add cloths to your order at any time. Deletions or substitutions must be called in by 1:00 p.m. the business day before the scheduled delivery date.

When Will My Security Deposit Be Returned?
If a security deposit is required on your order, it will be refunded less the replacement cost of any missing linen within 5 business days after the linens have been returned if the payment was made by cash or credit card and within 10 business days if payment was made by check. Security Deposits made by credit cards will be refunded directly to your credit card.

Can I Order Linens If I’m Outside Your Delivery Area?
Yes. We will be happy to ship your order via UPS or FedEx so that you receive your order 1 to 2 days in advance of your use date. After the event, you return the linens to us on the next business day in the same shipping boxes using return UPS shipping labels supplied by Choice Party Linens. When your order returns to us, we immediately count the linens; if any are missing, we fill out a Missing/Additional Linen Memo form and let you know which cloths are missing. (Click here to view our UPS delivery chart)

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We will accept business checks two weeks in advance of the delivery date. Additionally, we have credit options available for commercial clients. Please call for more information and to request a credit application.

Do You Sell Linens?
Yes, although we specialize in renting party linens, we will arrange for the purchase of linens, either out of inventory or new. Please call us for a quote on sales prices or for special orders.

If I Rent Linens For an Event Over the Weekend, Will I Be Charged For 3 Days’ Use?
No. Our daily rental charges are for the day of use plus delivery 1-2 business days before the event and pickup 1-2 business days after the event. So, if you have an event on Saturday, for a one-day rental charge, we would deliver your linens on Friday and pick them up on Monday. If you are closed on Monday, we would pick them up on Tuesday for the same price. Extended rentals are charged at higher rates.

UPS delivery chart from our location

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