Linen Rental Policy

  • All linen rentals are delivered C.O.D. unless prior credit approval has been granted.
  • Rental rates quoted are for one day’s use. Special rental rates are available for extended use. Additional rental charges may apply to linens not returned on the specified date.
  • All linen rentals will include a damage waiver charge of 7.5%. Renters will not be charged damages for burned or torn linens. Missing or lost linens, as well as linens damaged as a result of deliberate abuse or misuse, will still be charged for at replacement cost.
  • Security Deposits may be added to orders.  On orders paid by cash or credit card, security deposits will be refunded within five business days after linens are returned.  Security deposits on orders paid by check will be refunded within ten business days after linens are returned.
  • Additions to linen orders will be taken at any time. However, deletions or changes will be accepted only until 1:00 p.m. on the business day prior to delivery.
  • Careful attention should be given to the quantity of linens ordered. Credit cannot be given on any unused items. It is strongly suggested that you count the linens received at the time of delivery; all deliveries will be presumed to be correct unless we are notified immediately.
  • To better serve all our customers, and to ensure you receive the colors and sizes you want, we recommend advance reservations. When this is not possible, we will accept last minute orders. Every effort will be made to expedite these orders.
  • We will fax or email a confirmation of your order.
  • Delivery charges include one delivery / pickup combination. Extra trips may require additional charges.

Sample Policy

  • In order to continue to provide free samples and keep up with the growing demand of our customers, we at Choice Party Linens have created a sample policy.
  • A completed credit card authorization form is required on file for all samples.
  • All sample orders require 1 weeks notice.
  • Each customer may have 1 sample order out of inventory at a time.
  • Samples are limited to 5 tablecloths, 5 napkins, 3 chair covers and 3 sashes per order.
  • Sample orders not returned on or before their due date without notice or permission will be subject to re-rental and/or replacement charges.
  • Showroom sample orders cannot exceed a length of 3 months.


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